1. Food & The Environment

The first module teaches students about the natural food system, how it has evolved from pre-historic times to the present, and the effects of the modern food system on the environment.

  • the natural cycle

  • the history of food

  • environmental impacts

2. Food & The Body

Module two teaches students about the nutritional properties of food, how their bodies process food, and how their diet affects their health in the short and long run.

  • nutrition science basics

  • digestive & circulatory system

  • diet-related illnesses

3. The Big Business of Food

  • marketing and advertising

  • food equity

Module three addresses the many economic aspects of the modern food system, including corporate practices, food marketing and advertising, and the social impacts of unequal access to healthy food.

4. Cooking Basics and the Culture of Food

  • cooking basics

  • the culture of food

Students learn basic cooking skills for preparing healthy meals, and celebrate the role of food in our cultural traditions.


Our Ready-to-Teach Curriculum

The Green Beetz curriculum was developed in partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences and is STEM-based and Next Generation-aligned. It teaches students to think critically about the complex, modern food system and to make food choices that are healthy – not only for their bodies, but also for the planet. 

Green Beetz is one of the few programs nationally that teaches kids about the intersection of nutrition and sustainability – where our food comes from, the ways it fuels us, and how it’s all connected to a thriving earth.


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