What We Do

Green Beetz is a non-profit that empowers elementary and middle school students to navigate the modern food system, and to make healthy and sustainable food choices. Through innovative media tools and hands-on activities, students learn about how their food choices matter -- not just for the health of their bodies, but also for the health of the planet.

+ Why Health and Sustainability?

Our unique curriculum goes beyond standard nutrition education and engages students around the important intersection of healthy and sustainable eating. The world’s food system is responsible for about one-quarter of the planet-warming greenhouse gases that humans generate each year. Kids deserve to know and understand their role in our complex food system, and how what we eat impacts the environment and climate change.


How We Do It

Green Beetz provides a comprehensive, ready-to-teach curriculum that uses a systems-based approach to encourage students to think holistically about the modern food system. The hands-on curriculum is STEM-based and Next Generation-aligned so that teachers can seamlessly integrate it into their classroom scope and sequence. Every lesson also includes a garden extension so students can get out of the classroom and experience real food, in real time.

+ The Way it Works

Step 1: Teachers apply online to become Green Beetz teachers

Step 2: Accepted teachers receive immediate access to our ready-to-teach, Next-Generation-aligned, and STEM-based curriculum, including access to 10 original content “edu-tainment” videos that incorporate original spoken word performances to deliver the key learning points for each lesson.

Step 3: Teachers join the Green Beetz Teacher’s Portal, which provides everything needed to successfully implement the Green Beetz curriculum, including training videos for each lesson, supplemental lesson materials, information about professional development courses, and additional resources.


Who We Serve & How We Promote
Health Equity

The Green Beetz curriculum is designed for 4th-7th graders and is taught predominantly in underserved and low-income schools. The curriculum is cost-free. We deeply value health equity and work closely with community partners and stakeholders across all five boroughs to ensure our program reaches those most in need. Green Beetz identifies and connects students to additional resources and tools to help them navigate and access healthy and sustainable food options in their neighborhoods, while supporting broader policy change that will improve access to and affordability of healthy foods.

+ Why Elementary and Middle Schoolers

We partnered with the NY Academy of Sciences to develop a curriculum for 4th-7th graders because research shows that between the ages of 8 and 12, children:

  • Begin to consider how the choices they make today will have consequences in the future

  • Develop a growing sense of personal identity and responsibility

  • Start to understand their place in the larger world

Our curriculum deepens the discussion around food to include questions that stimulate ethical, social, and self-reflection - how the choices students make about what to eat impact their bodies, the environment, and the society in which they live.


A Big Challenge. Our Solution.


+ The Challenge: A Broken Food System

The food landscape has changed monumentally in the past 50 years and food is at the nexus of some of the most pressing social issues of our time, including public health, social justice, environmental degradation, and global warming.

SOLUTION copy.png

+ Our Solution: A Holistic Approach

The Green Beetz curriculum has four modules that reflect a systems-based approach: Food and the Body, Food and the Environment, The Business of Food, Cooking Basics and the Culture of Food. We identify and connect our students to additional resources and tools to help them navigate and access healthy and sustainable food options. Our students become food advocates at school, at home, and in their communities for a healthier future!


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